Are you a content creator, streamer or influencer?
Are you looking for ways to take your content and your community to the next level?

Look no further! Apply now for the Manatraders Content Creator Program and enjoy unprecedented benefits.

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Who are we looking for

We are looking for talented Magic: the Gathering content creators and influencers. We value passion, consistency, and good overall content.

Content creators must have at least one or more of the following requirements:
    Twitch Streamer: 1000+ followers, must stream 3 times per week, average of 40 viewers
    Youtuber: 1000+ subscribers, release 1 video per week, videos must have comment activity
    Podcast: 500 weekly downloads/views, consistently releasing once per week
    Pro Player: Must be active in the community, have recently won or finished top 8 of a major tournament, 5000+ followers on Facebook or Twitter

Even if you do not meet these any of these requirements, feel free to apply. Provide any and all information on how you would promote us and the platforms you would be using.

How do I apply

Send an email to explaining briefly who you are and what you do. Let us know what makes your content stand out, how your community is like, what are your goals and dreams in the MTG multiverse, and anything else you find relevant. Magic is a huge, universal game, and we want to know what the game means to you and how you’re looking to engage with your audience.

What are the benefits of our partnership?

The perks

You get a free Gold subscription subjected to Fair Usage Policy, so you can brew all the decks you want. We will also invite you to our referral program -- subscribers who use your referral link and/or discount coupon will be linked to you. As long as they stay subscribed, you will get a monthly payment. You also get a percentage bonus when they sell or buy Event Tickets. The referred subscribers and the monthly payments will remain linked to you even if you stop creating MTG content or working with us.

Manatraders will push your content when you ask -- if you think you have a special piece and want us to talk about it, we will use our firepower to make it as resounding as possible. You will have a direct connection to us via Discord where you can message us anytime you want.

Do you have a bold idea and need some help? We are here to support you in every way we can.

What we expect from you

We won't ask anything specific of you -- we just expect you to be our ambassador and promote us anyway you can. Speak good things about Manatraders and the Manatraders Series, link us in your content, mention us on social media every once in a while (#sponsored but true), and get your friends in. As long as you’re helping us spread the love for Manatraders, we’re happy.

We review your work from time to time and make sure both ends are getting benefits from our partnership. But we are not as strict as other companies are -- we understand that life can get in the way, that things sometimes do not go as planned, and that growing takes time. We believe that we can truly create a fruitful partnership that will last, as long we help each other.

Show me the numbers

You earn rewards when someone uses your referral link and then purchases or sells Event Tickets, buys or sells cards via PayPal, subscribes to our MTGO rental service or rents MTG cards. Also, when someone subscribes to our rental service using your link, the rewards are recurring as long as the subscription is active -- generating you an actual monthly income. A subscription can pay referral max for 12 months and it will reward you 5% of the cost of the subscription, loyalty bonus included.

Referral & Coupons

Referral Link

Login to get your Referral Link. Use it when referring friends and followers to Manatraders: the more they use Manatraders, the more you earn.

Coupon Codes

Give your friends and followers a Coupon Code -- they will enjoy a discount on the first months of their Subscription, and you will earn rewards as long as they stay subscribed!

Join our Content Creator Program to get your Coupon Code!

How do I get paid?

Every month on the 5th you will be automatically paid via Manatraders Cashable Wallet.

You will be able to cash out the wallet at anytime