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Jamie Parke

Worlds: 2nd 2008, 6th 1999
GP top 8: 4
Pro Tour top 8: 3

I have bought many of tickets through this site, the owner is very responsive and is always there when I need bulk tickets. This site is very easy and quick to use.

Paul Cheon, aka HaumpH

GP top 8: 9
GP won: 2007, 2008, 2015

I use their webshop when I am play testing new decks for upcoming GPs, they are always instock with all cards and typically have better pricing than most bot chains.

Joe Brzezinski, aka Phil_ivey

MTGO 2015 Player of the year

I have sold all my tickets to these guys over the past few years, they run 24/7 so I can get money for my excess winnings quick and anytime I need to. Thanks Mtgotickets.

Jeremy K., aka LittleShadow

I have used mtgotickets service 200+ times and I'm always happy with the fast automated system. I never had any issues getting my tickets and if I ever had questions they were answered promptly. Thumbs up!

Aaron C., aka Potato_Salad_2

Owner of Potato Salad Bots

As the owner of a bot chain I need to sell tixs quite often, and to someone who is both trustworthy and whose price is reasonable. For me, that person has been MTGOTickets. I highly recommend them.

Mike N., aka Naeuzim

Owner of Decent Bots

I sold my collection to cards4cash_buyer recently, not only did I get an instant quote, I was paid in literally 4 minutes. It was purely amazing. Thank you!