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There is no entry fee, ManaTraders Series is free and will always be free! Anyone can join, no affiliation with ManaTraders is required - you just need an MTGO account and your skills.

The Manatraders Series is the largest payout tournament on MTGO, with a $15,000 prize pool each month, from January to November and a final $30,000 December invitational tournament.

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Qualifier Round

Every month, play in our open Qualifier Round. This round starts the 2nd Monday of each month at 12pm ET

Play this portion at your pace, you will get randomly paired with other players and play on demand. The Qualifier League will be open for play from 12pm to 12am daily.

During this round, players with the top most win percentage will earn their share of the leaderboard prize pool, 20 games played is required for this prize.

To move on to the next round, the Swiss Round you will need:

  • play 10 - 19 matches and have a 70% win rate
  • or play 20 - 29 matches and have a 65% win rate
  • or play 30+ matches and have a 60% win rate

Once any the above conditions are met you are locked into our Swiss Round and cannot be unqualified. This allows you to continue to play for the leaderboard top 20 positions without worry.

Scheme play1 Scheme play2 Scheme play3

Swiss Round - Top 8

Swiss - Last Saturday of each month at 10am ET.

This potion consists of 5-9 rounds depending on the amount of players that qualified.

The top 8 players move to the finals.

Top 8 - Last Sunday of each month at 4pm ET.

Players are pair based on seed and will play 3 rounds, with winners advancing towards the finals and other battling for top 8 points.

Top 8 Points

Top 8 points are awarded to 3rd - 8th place, 3rd gets 7 points, 4th 6 points, etc.. top 4 or more players who accumulate the most points will be invited the ManaTraders Finale Tournament.

Tournament brackets


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Final December Invitational

Second weekend of December.

To be one of the 48 players able to participate in this event, you have to earn an invite.

You can do so by:

  • Finishing 1st or 2nd in any month’s top 8 (22 players)
  • Finishing 1st or 2nd in any month’s qualifier leaderboard (22 players)
  • Finishing the series season with the most invite points. (4 players)

If a player qualified multiple times via top 8 finishes or Leaderboard Finishes it will simply open up a spot for a player with the most top 8 points for the year. If there are tie in points for a final spot in the finale, there will be a playoff to decide who gets it.

If more than 4 players are tied with the most invitational points, the tiebreaker will be the number of appearances in the monthly series tournaments. If that is not sufficient there will be a playoff.




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Leaderboard Payout

The leaderboard payout is based on the Qualifier Round only. All leaderboard winners game play is reviewed for game integrity purposes.


Non subscribers

Subscriber bonus

$ 100

$ 1,000

$ 50

$ 500

$ 30

$ 300

$ 20

$ 200

5°-10° $ 10

$ 100

11°-20° $ 5 credit*

$ 50 credit*

*can be used towards ManaTraders rental services

Swiss - Top 8 Payout

Prizes are cumulative, meaning that you can win both the Leaderboard & Swiss - Top8.

The tournament is free, however, We offers two bonuses to our subscribers, the subscriber bonus and the Loyalty multiplier (LM).

LM starts on the third month of your subscription and increases 1% each month up to 20%, this will pay you out an additional percentage of your winnings, for example if you won $1,000 and had an LM of 10% (1 year loyalty) you would get an additional $100.


Non subscribers

Subscriber Bonus

$ 300

$ 3,000 * LM

$ 200

$ 2,000 * LM

$ 100

$ 1,000 * LM

$ 100

$ 1,000 * LM

$ 60

$ 600 * LM

$ 60

$ 600 * LM

$ 50

$ 500 * LM

$ 50

$ 500 * LM

9°-16° $ 10

$ 100 * LM

17°-64° $ 25 credit*

$ 25 credit*

65°-128° $ 10 credit*

$ 10 credit*

129°-256° $ 5 credit*

$ 5 credit*

*can be used towards ManaTraders rental services


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December Invitational Finale

48 players will battle it out in 8 rounds of a multi-format swiss tournament, the top 8 players will move on to day two and play a double elimination bracket based on seed.

Subscriber bonus and Loyalty Multiplier are applicable here as well, so it pays to be a ManaTrader.


Non subscribers

Subscriber Bonus

$ 1000

$ 10,000 * LM

$ 480

$ 4,800 * LM

3°-4° $ 200

$ 2,000 * LM

5°-8° $ 80

$ 800 * LM

9°-16° $ 40

$ 400 * LM

17°-32° $ 20

$ 200 * LM

33°-48° $ 10

$ 100 * LM

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Do I need a ManaTraders subscription plan to register?

You do not need a paid subscription, we will give you a free plan. However paid ManaTraders subscribers will get a 10x bonus payout.

How do I get paid if I win?

We deposit money in your cashable wallet, then you can choose to cash out via PayPal.

Can I play different decks each match?

For the Qualifier League, yes. For the the Swiss and the Final Round you will be required to play the same deck.

Where do I play?

All matches are played in the Magic Online constructed lobby. Our system will give you full instructions on how to connect or setup matches with your paired opponent.

What happens if my opponent does not show for a match?

In the Qualifier League matches count only if played. In phase two (Swiss) and three (Finals) users must be online and ready to play at a certain time, failure to do so will result in a loss. Phases two and three are monitored by our tournament directors.

How do I qualify for the multiplier?

You need to have a paid ManaTraders subscription and maintain it for the duration of the tournament, from your first match played until the end of the tournament.

Where do I register?

Register your MTGO account on Once logged in, visit your Dashboard and click the Tournament link on the left. Follow the instructions on the screen.

What is a credit towards rental services?

This credit can be used to purchase ManaTraders rental subscriptions or paper rentals. This credit can not be cashed out to your payment method.

How do I join the tournament and play the matches?

You access the tournament from a dedicated page in your dashboard. In the Qualifying League, just click the 'Play Now' button and wait for the system to find an opponent.

The Swiss and the Final Round phases are accessed through the tournament page in your dashboard, but you will play at a specific given date and time

How do I qualify for the final event?

You must play at least 10 matches during the Preliminary phase. If you have a 70% win ratio and 10 matches, or a 65% ratio and 20 matches, or a 60% ratio and 30 matches, you qualify.

What if the system does not find an opponent?

Towards the end of the preliminary phases, the system may not be able to find an opponent. In this case, please retry. We will display the best datetimes to show and look for an opponent.


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