Earn tickets with mtgotickets.com, we have referral and reward programs that earns you Event Tickets.

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We created a link that you can share on social media and with your friends. You will get a profit share every time a person clicks your link and completes a purchase on our site.
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You automatically earn 0.10 tixs every time you use our service. That's just our way of saying thank you.

Referral program instructions

We offer five services: Buying tickets, Selling tickets, Buying cards (webshop), Selling cards and Renting cards. Each service will earn you a 'referral reward' in the following way:
Your follower completes the first transaction completes a transaction
buys tickets 1% of the trade 0.50% of the trade
sells tickets 1% of the trade 0.50% of the trade

Your follower subscribes completes the first month completes a month
Base Rental Subscription $1 $1
Premium Rental Subscription $3 $2
Gold Rental Subscription $5 $3
Ultimate Rental Subscription $10 $5