Sell Mtgo Cards, Boosters or Full Collections

Get a quote

You can get a quick estimated quote by uploading your MTGO generated .dek file using the button below, or you can open trade with our Cards4Cash_buyer in MTGO and get an instant final quote.


1. Open trade. In MTGO open trade with Cards4cash_buyer bot. The bot will scan you collection, give you a quote in USD, then select up to 400 of your cards.

2. Enter your manatraders email. In the MTGO chat with Cards4cash_buyer you will be asked to enter your manatraders login email. This step is important to enter correctly, any mis-type could result in delay of payment.

3. Complete the trade. Confirm the trade and our automated system will credit the payment in your Wallet for the cards completed in this trade.

*Note: The bot will quote you for your whole collection, but with the MTGO limitation of 400 cards per trade the bot will only pay you for cards completed in each trade, if you have more than 400 cards you will need to complete multiple trades to get the full quote amount.