Edition Sets

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Name Buy Sell Stock
29 Master Decoy TE - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (1x)
153 Sadistic Glee TE - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (4x)
255 Skyshroud Elf TE - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (3x)
297 Metallic Sliver TE - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (1x)
78 Power Sink TE - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (1x)
198 Rolling Thunder TE - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (3x)
245 Rampant Growth TE - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (4x)
82 Rootwater Hunter TE - 0.02 mtgotickets2 (2x)
239 Natural Spring TE - 0.02 mtgotickets2 (3x)
254 Seeker of Skybreak TE - 0.02 mtgotickets2 (4x)
257 Skyshroud Troll TE - 0.02 mtgotickets2 (4x)
1 Advance Scout TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
14 Clergy en-Vec TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (1x)
34 Pacifism TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
47 Soltari Trooper TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (3x)
66 Giant Crab TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (1x)
67 Horned Turtle TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
99 Twitch TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
105 Wind Drake TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
119 Darkling Stalker TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (1x)
137 Gravedigger TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
169 Crown of Flames TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
173 Fireslinger TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (2x)
184 Kindle TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (3x)
211 Wall of Diffusion TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (1x)
217 Canopy Spider TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (3x)
228 Frog Tongue TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (3x)
231 Heartwood Dryad TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (1x)
252 Rootwalla TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (3x)
256 Skyshroud Ranger TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
279 Coiled Tinviper TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
296 Manakin TE - .009 mtgotickets2 (2x)
37 Repentance TE - .008 mtgotickets2 (4x)
125 Dauthi Mindripper TE - .008 mtgotickets2 (3x)