Edition Sets

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Name Buy Sell Stock
43 Mournful Zombie AP - 0.04 mtgotickets2 (4x)
4 Dega Disciple AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (1x)
25 Index AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (4x)
26 Jaded Response AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (4x)
53 Urborg Uprising AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (2x)
56 Bloodfire Dwarf AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (4x)
60 Dwarven Landslide AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (4x)
89 Tranquil Path AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (4x)
90 Urborg Elf AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (3x)
109 Llanowar Dead AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (4x)
120 Soul Link AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (1x)
5 Dega Sanctuary AP - 0.03 mtgotickets2 (2x)
65 Minotaur Tactician AP - 0.02 mtgotickets2 (4x)
1 Angelfire Crusader AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (1x)
13 Helionaut AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
19 Ceta Disciple AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (3x)
28 Living Airship AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (2x)
30 Shimmering Mirage AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (1x)
37 Dead Ringers AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (3x)
41 Last Caress AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
42 Mind Extraction AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
44 Necra Disciple AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
54 Zombie Boa AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
57 Bloodfire Infusion AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
64 Kavu Glider AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
69 Smash AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
70 Tahngarth's Glare AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
73 Ana Disciple AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
81 Lay of the Land AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
85 Savage Gorilla AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)
86 Strength of Night AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (3x)
93 Consume Strength AP - .009 mtgotickets2 (4x)